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There are many ways to swing a golf club -- obviously some ways better than others -- so that's why I've always helped my students to better understand their golf swings by using the V1 swing analysis software/app. Being able to see your swings in a clear & concise frame-by-frame manner is the most beneficial way to improve your golf game! ​​Included in my coaching rates, I use V1 to video all private & semi-private lessons, which then creates an internet video lesson for you. Your swings will be analyzed, explained and demonstrated in great detail. I'll illustrate which parts of your swing are in need of improvement. Additionally, seeing your swings in frame-by-frame detail in a split-screen comparison next to a PGA or LPGA Tour pro, is invaluable! The video analysis along with specific game-improving drills geared specifically for you -- and not just “generic” drills you see in a magazine or on TV -- will have your golf game rapidly improving! Plus, I'll e-mail your lesson notes to you, which will be a summary of what we covered during your lesson. 

"Bob, really, really cool web site! I enjoy seeing the changes and updates that you often make. You've been around a number of athletes who play at the highest level. You also have a very good understanding of the golf swing, and as to what it takes to help people with their game. You're a hell of an instructor -- and a very good guy as well. At your young age you are a very knowledgeable instructor too -- and with your high energy it's easy to see that you love what you do! It's always great to see you again, and I'm glad you made it out here to Phoenix so we could play. As always, all the best, and continued success!" - Jerry Foltz, Golf Channel

I strongly believe in starting with proper fundamentals: "P.G.A." (Posture-Grip-Alignment) and ball position. However, if your "PGA" are fundamentally incorrect, then the odds of you making your best possible swing has now substantially diminished. Within a typical lesson with me, once your fundamentals are correct, we'll then start getting into the actual swinging of the club itself -- the overall shape/plane of your swing. Additionally, I'll also be looking at the various angles of your body and clubshaft, along with your body motion throughout your swing.

​​​​Under the tutelage of Rick Smith during my 5 years (1993-1997) as a Golf Professional at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan, I gained tremendous knowledge of the golf swing. Plus, long before I had started working at Treetops -- as a junior player in high school -- I had received numerous hours of instruction from Rick Smith himself! During my time at Treetops, I inevitably became a 'Rick Smith certified' instructor.

I'm a member of the PGA of America, and have been providing professional golf instruction & coaching for nearly 25 years. During those years I have taught golfers of ALL calibers. I've even had the distinct pleasure to instruct some of the players on the PGA and LPGA Tours. Especially with high-caliber players, one aspect I've always noticed is their extreme focus and devotion to having proper fundamentals. They are always getting "back to the basics". Regardless of your playing ability, starting off with proper fundamentals is ESSENTIAL to playing good golf. With me as your swing coach you'll be able to gain valuable information -- and your golf game will improve -- and you'll enjoy this great game even more!

​PGA Teaching Professional

Me (white hat) with Rick Smith, at a clinic at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, in the summer of 2017

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Me (white hat) with Rick Smith and PGA Tour player, Jerry Kelly, at the Buick Open

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