​PGA Teaching Professional

4 Seasons Indoor Golf is my main, year-round teaching location! It's a beautiful facility & we have awesome technology!

Key to abbreviations:

FSS = Foresight Sports Simulators; YR = Year-Round; S = Seasonal; 

D = Dome; I = Indoors; O = Outdoors; M = Mats; G = Grass

Henriksen's:  S; O; M; G​​

C.J. Barrymore's:  YR; D; O; M; G​​

Below is a brief summary of my teaching locations. Click on their links to find out more about the facility, what's included with your lessons, how to schedule & pay for them, etc.

4 Seasons Indoor Golf:  FSS; YR; I; M

Visit the 4 Seasons Indoor Golf website

We are a semi-private upscale year-round indoor training & performance center, loaded with the latest & greatest technology! It's the perfect setting for individuals who seek year-round golf instruction, practice and entertainment, along with providing a sanctuary from the distractions found at most public facilities. You can unwind in the lounge by watching TV, socializing or enjoying a meal.

Even if you aren't a member at the facility, coaching is always available to anybody!

  • ​Video swing analysis using the V1 software/app for all private & semi-private instruction
  • An internet video lesson with drawn graphics & audio comments, along with your lesson notes, e-mailed to you
  • Your swings will be explained & demonstrated in great detail, illustrating the parts needing improvement
  • See your swings in frame-by-frame detail and in a split-screen comparison next to a PGA or LPGA Tour pro
  • Game-improving drills -- geared specifically for you!

Additionally, I use a database to save my students' information like e-mail address, phone numbers, drills given during the lessons, etc. So, as a student of mine, I can always quickly review what we covered in your previous lessons -- from last week -- or over 20 years ago! If you'd ever like to review the notes from your lessons, simply contact me and I'll happily e-mail them to you!