Hey Bob, driving range session today was unreal, played any kind of shot I wanted! With driver I was going fade to straight to draw and everything was going where I was aiming, was unreal! The lesson video you made for me is awesome. I guess you didn't like the 360 yard drive haha. Thanks a lot for everything today! - Anthony Mantha, Detroit Red Wings

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A great round and a lesson after. Can't wait to get back on the course! Thanks Bob! - Scott DePace (former Director for Howard Stern On Demand)

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Some kind words over the years...

​PGA Teaching Professional

Bob, really, really cool web site! I enjoy seeing the changes and updates that you often make. You've been around a number of athletes who play at the highest level. You also have a very good understanding of the golf swing, and as to what it takes to help people with their game. You're a hell of an instructor -- and a very good guy as well. At your young age you are a very knowledgeable instructor too -- and with your high energy it's easy to see that you love what you do! It's always great to see you again, and I'm glad you made it out here to Phoenix so we could play. As always, all the best, and continued success! - Jerry Foltz, Golf Channel

Within two lessons, Bob immediately eliminated all of my needless motion and really focused on the proper body motion and fundamentals of the golf swing. He was able to do so by using easy to understand terms, and easy practice drills & techniques. I now have confidence during my set-up, and a belief that I am going to make solid contact along with accuracy, rather than hoping for good results. Simply put, Bob understands the essence of the golf swing, and he communicates it in a way that allows it to be processed quickly. Additionally, he's a terrific guy with a terrific attitude! I highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to sharpen their game! - Brandon Tierney "B.T.", CBS Sports Radio (New York)

Bob, thanks a million for all the help you've given me over the past few years. You have a real passion for teaching, and all the drills we've worked on have had a positive influence on my game. As you know, I'm always working on having a good set-up, along with wanting to have a proper swing plane and square clubface. During filming of "The Big Break", I often thought back to many of the things we've worked on in the past. Thanks again! - Anthony Sorentino, a former contestant on Golf Channel's "The Big Break"

Thank you very much Bob. You were a great help, very glad I got to meet you and hope we can keep in touch and keep working together. Let me know if you ever need anything from my end. Thanks again Bob. - Ryan Sproul, former Detroit Red Wing & New York Ranger

I got a chance to hit the range this morning. I hit about three or four fades and a few hooks out of an entire large bucket. Most of the balls had a slight draw or were straight. It's good to get that feeling back again. The results are really good! - Eric H.

Thanks for the lesson a few weeks ago. Just played my 1st 18 holes at Ballyowen in New Jersey. Lovely course. Shot 3 over, 75, and missed 3 birdie putts no longer than 2 feet long! Putting let me down today, could have been under par. The swing tips made a massive difference, so thank you. - Paul W.

​​Thanks so much for the golf lesson for my son and I. We were really impressed with your facility (4-Seasons Golf). My son loved being able to see how far he could hit the ball, and the next day he was excited to practice the drills you showed him. You have made the strategies you wanted us to work on realistic and very easy to understand. We look forward to working with you at our next lesson! - Jeannie V.

​I just wanted to say thank you for your help so far with improving my golf game. Getting back into the sport and seeing the results that I've been getting has been extremely satisfying. At our last session, you helped me correct some of my issues with driving. I've been working on that a lot over the last few weeks. This past weekend, I shot my best round ever -- a 91. And on Tuesday, I drove the green on a 304 yard par 4, and sunk the putt for my first-ever eagle! The game is so much more fun playing out of the fairway instead of the heavy rough. :) Thanks again for all your help so far, and I look forward to setting up some more time with you in the coming months. - Ben T.

Today I had my BEST round yet in the league. While on the front 9, I shot a 50, and can confidently say that my swing felt great! Thank you very much for all of your help so far, today was a huge confidence booster. - Alex H.

You are by far the best instructor southeastern Michigan has seen in many a day! Good luck in your future academies/schools. - David D.

I had no idea my backswing was off plane right from the beginning. It's amazing what you see in slow-motion. I showed my video lesson that you made to some of my co-workers and all of them were very impressed with your analysis. I went to the range last night and worked on some of the drills you suggested. Now, that I have an idea of what to look for and practice, I can be more efficient at practicing. Thanks again for your help! The analysis was long over-due and I am very content with your work. P.S. I ran into Rick Smith at the U.S. Open and he said you were a great teacher and that I was heading in the he right direction! - Darin S.

I just wanted to thank you for the lesson last week. I spent hours in front of a mirror at my house working on the correct posture. I went to the range everyday and practiced the drills you gave me. Friday I shot 82 and Sunday I shot 80. I should have shot 78 but I made some mental errors around the greens. I must have gained thirty yards on my irons and Driver. Wow, what a difference! I look forward to having my second lesson next week and seeing what else you may need to correct for me. Golf is a lot better when you’re shooting in the 30's instead of low to mid 40's! - Jeffrey S.

I just wanted to let you know the lesson you gave me a few weeks ago is starting to help my game! Playing better is actually making the game more fun for me. I've been at the range a few times working on trying not to bring the club inside too early and using the drills you showed me. I've also been on the course a couple times and I've seen my scores improve. I shot an 83 yesterday. I was hitting my 3 wood as straight as ever -- keeping the things I learned from you in mind. I'll be scheduling another lesson with you soon. - Al I.

I am just letting you know that I have been doing your "Level Turn" drill regularly and I have found it very helpful. After doing it for a short time, I realized my turn was faulty and this drill rectified it. The drill simply showed that my body motion wasn't as good as it could be. As a result, I am hitting the ball straighter -- and that translates into hitting the ball better. Thanks once again for your help and drills. - Alan H.  (New Zealand)

I must say that the lessons from you have been the most useful that I've ever received (and the swing analysis was the absolute key part).  I have improved my score from 48 - 56 per nine holes last year to 41- 50 this year.  I can’t thank you enough for your help.  I’m looking forward to taking some more lessons next year. - Mitesh S.

Due to your tips, I have a much more solid feeling and I have gained 15-25 yards with my Pitching Wedge. I am hitting my target dead on when I pay attention to alignment. I'm so excited that I'm falling all over myself, because it’s been a while since golf was fun. Thanks so much! - Rolly

Your responses have been very dear to me. I am very grateful for the assistance I am getting. - Judah A.  (Nairobi, Kenya)

I have been playing golf for three years and shoot in the mid to high seventies, and occasionally getting into the low 70’s. But, being self taught, I developed bad swing mechanics such as swinging over-the-top, rotating my hips to soon and not releasing the club through impact. With all these flaws I managed to go from shooting in the 120's down into the 70's. I have shot under par several times on some executive courses (par 57 and par 62). I am 42 years old and this spring will be my fourth golf season. With your instructions and drills that I found on the Internet I plan to become a scratch golfer this year. I will let you know how it turns out. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! P.S. I found your drills by typing "swing drills" into my web search box. And, after going through about forty different search results, or so, I chose your web site and your information because it made the most sense to me and it is what I needed to reach the next level. - Charlie B.

I have been astonished by the results of using your "Right Foot Back" drill. I have played golf for 20 years and I have a 12 handicap, but I have always struggled to "see" a way back to the ball from the top of the backswing. Usually my shoulders move first pushing my hands away from my body causing the inevitable out-to-in swing path. With your Right Foot Back drill I can see the "way" into the ball and the golf swing becomes much simpler (and more enjoyable!). The ball flight is excellent! Thanks for a stimulating website! - David J.  (Wales, UK)

My wife and I had our first golf lessons with you last week. You were very patient, very thorough, and extremely professional! You definitely know what you're talking about! You were awesome. Your swing analysis software program helped us greatly! The lines you drew on the screen to show us if we were swinging properly, standing properly, and following through properly, did wonders. Even your split-screen to compare our swings and stance with Tiger Woods', was incredible! You improved our swings a lot, and that was just with a 1/2 hour lesson, each. - Peter F.

Thanks a million for your reply, I appreciate it. Thanks for the Impact Bag idea, I'll give it a go. I am a scratch golfer, and my average score is somewhere around level par, but sometimes a bit better and sometimes a little worse, depending on how bad the hooks/blocks are on any given day. I came across your web site by doing a search on the Internet under "golf" and "fast hips". If you are ever coming to Ireland to play, maybe I could show you the courses worth playing. Thank you very much for your advice, you are a thorough gentleman. - David K.  (Ireland)

Thanks very much for your reply. I am really grateful to you for taking the time to reply. I can't wait for the weather to improve. - Dr. David Johnson  (Newport, South Wales)

Thank you so much. After just one lesson I have seen a huge improvement. I never thought I could get so much power in my shot - I actually now know what power feels like! It was incredible. I was launching my 3-wood like a pro. Maybe this game could be mostly fun, instead of mostly frustrating! - Bruce R.

Thank you very much for your golf tips/drills about shoulder position at impact. Your point about alignment of my shoulders at address is very important. I am always thinking of the feet when aligning square to the target line -- but I will now be more conscious of how my shoulders are aligned at address. I got your web site through a search on Yahoo! I think it's just great that you took the time to e-mail me down under. - Chris P.  (Hobart, Australia)

You were very creative with your teaching technique and your suggested golf drills. I will recommend you to anyone who would like golf lessons. - Connie S.

I greatly appreciate you taking your valuable time to respond to my email question. I will certainly revisit your website to review the "Split Hands" drill and put it into practice. I'm very impressed with your follow-up to my question and thanks again for taking the time to help me out. - Geoff C.

I never got a chance to thank you for the lessons, so THANKS! I really enjoyed them, and I am still working on a few things, but have shelved some of it to the off season, when I can work on it more without blow ups on the course. We all appreciated the extra time you spent with us, you went far beyond what was needed! Hopefully we can pay you back with referrals over the years. - Jeff W.

I just finished playing nine holes of golf for the first time since I took a lesson with you. I couldn't believe I took 11 strokes off my game! For the first time it was a real pleasure to play instead of a game of frustration. - Judy G.

Thanks for your e-mail reply. By the way, I have gained more knowledge and insight from your web site than I did from the 4 private lessons I took here at home in Tennessee. You've now got me on plane. - Dave K.

Well, thank you for writing me back! I really did not expect a reply. So, I was more than happy to receive one from you. I want to thank you very much for taking the time to help me out! Really, that's very cool. I greatly appreciate your tips/drills and swing thoughts. Again, thank you. - Robert S.

Hi Bob, I am one of your students and just wanted to let you know that the lessons are really paying off! I was so ecstatic about the improvement that I had to write you. I have only had 2 lessons so far (out of 4), but I went from just about quitting golf in June, to yesterday shooting a 42 and 46. It was on a fairly tough course and this so far has been the best round of my life at probably the toughest course in my life! It was definitely thanks to the lessons that I have taken from you. I was so happy with the lessons that I have referred several other people to you, and I believe one of them has been over to see you in the last couple of weeks. I think you may see a few others soon. Most of the people I golf with are amazed at the difference! Thanks again for helping me to really enjoy the game again! - Mark C.

Bob, just the one lesson I had with you yesterday is already paying off! Now that I have some things straightened out -- like my alignment -- the ball is now going where I'm wanting it to go. Great website. I passed your website address on to some of my friends. Thanks again. - Jack B.

Bob, I really wish I could had made it in for a lesson before I left for school -- but things just got so hectic with having to move to another state. I had my best season my senior year in high school with a 38.5 total stroke average, and at my home course my average was 35.8. I really owe you a great deal of thanks for that -- you made a great difference in my swing -- and also made me feel confident as well. My game has really been steady -- shooting mostly 75-78 -- my short game has been great too. I really plan on doing what you do for a living -- teaching the game. It would be a dream for me to play for a living, but I have to be realistic. Your web site is great by the way! You are a very talented teacher and you have great credentials. I would love to set up a lesson the next time I'm home. I have learned many things about the swing from you and often review the tapes of our lessons. - Nick P.

Bob, I really appreciate all of the advice you have given me. You have fixed problems in my swing that nobody has ever really looked or noticed before. I plan on working with you on my swing. I feel you have a real good sense of what needs to be worked on with my swing. Well, I just want to thank you for your help. You have a great website. - Anthony J.

Bob, I think you did an excellent job on your web site with your 5 pre-swing fundamentals -- and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know! I was looking for a little help with clubface and body alignment on "Yahoo!", and your site was one that came up. My swing is the best its ever been, it's just that I've been having some concerns with accuracy/alignment, and found your web site's golf tips to be very helpful. Again, great job! - Donald S.

Thanks again for the lesson yesterday. Each time we meet I'm understanding my swing more and more -- and consequently what some of my problems are. You are giving me excellent feedback on what to work on. - Bob S.

Since my first lesson with you this year, I have been hitting my irons and woods straighter -- along with more distance -- and to the targets that I was aiming for. Yesterday I shot the lowest round that I have shot in years -- and it was only my first time out this season! I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my posture and swing path/plane skills. It has made a huge difference! - John S.

Bob, I know I definitely don't have a perfect swing, but I've never had so many compliments on my swing since I began taking lessons with you! Things are improving, and I want to improve even more. - Jeff Z.

Bob, just dropping you a note to say how happy I was with your lessons. The key which you stressed the most with me is the set up -- and I agree this is the best approach. My golf game is looking up as a result, and I now have a better understanding of my own swing. - Paul R.

Thanks for the lesson you gave me and my grandson last Thursday. My game has improved dramatically! I actually got my first Par (3) on Monday!!! Your website is very helpful! We will practice the drills you gave us. - Carol B.

I had taken a "Beginning Golf" class in college, but did not learn a thing. I learned more from you in 10 minutes than I learned in that college class all semester. - Dino F.

My wife and I wanted to thank you for the time you took with our son, Patrick, at his first lesson last week. He noticeably enjoyed it, and looks forward to his next lesson! After his lesson, there was a most noticeable difference in his approach to hitting balls. He was now really taking his time, as he would now line up, work on his grip, etc. It was so nice to see! Also, on your web site, I went into your about "About Bob" section and clicked on the spiritual link. It is obvious you are a Christian -- and that just adds another dimension to your time with Patrick. We look forward to more lessons with you. - Jerry M.

I really enjoy your tips section! It helped me to identify one of my swing flaws. I corrected the problem and I got an extra 20 yards on my tee shots! I'm currently a 3 handicapper, and trying hard to stay there. Thanks for the help! - Chaz S.

Thank you for your recent e-mail. I again thank you for dealing with it in such a thorough and personal manner. Your advice has been excellent and has given me a lot to think about and practice. I know it will help me with my game. Thanks again for all your help! - Treeve P.  (England)

I have been working on the drill that you suggested I try, and I can say that I have improved. I have finished 2nd in my club championship 2 years in a row now! I really appreciate you sending that drill to me and following up with me. That says a lot about you, and from what I have read you are a excellent teacher!!! Do you ever appear on the Golf Channel? If so, I want to make sure I watch. - Mike S.

I just wanted you to know your lessons have really given me a solid direction to build the swing I'm looking for. I'm now about 12 yards longer with my irons! - Jay E.

I just wanted to say thanks. The lessons over the winter helped tremendously. I have taken 5 strokes off my league average from last year. I'm looking forward to more lessons this winter. - Stan Y.